Lost in Mega Landia

Thought this was worth repeating



I’m a small church kind of guy.  Really I am.  I know that I drive past dozens of small churches on my way to the 2,000 plus attendee church I attend each Sunday or Saturday night.  I look at them as I go past and wonder what is happening behind those walls.  I am drawn like a bug to a lamp. Walk toward the light… no! I resist.

Still I drive to our church, park in the lot and walk more than 50 feet to the front door. Once inside I go to one of the five check in kiosks for children’s ministry and touch the screen with my secret code.  It spits out a sticker for my son’s shirt and two corresponding stickers for mom and dad.  We walk past the custom espresso shop in the commons and the wall of free drip coffee, caff and decaf, hot water…

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