I Just Gotta Say something!

I haven’t been very active in blogging as of late. A lot of things get in the way of the creative flow.  There is so much going on between my ears that I think there is a clog, like the kitchen sink thatwesley_preach_470x352 refuses to drain.  It’s not a bad place to be, but not one that lends itself much to well worded expressions of deeper thought or longing.

I remember when I was a pastor of a small church in Burlington WA.  I was visiting with a retired minister who spoke occasionally as a guest.  He told me there was a great divide between getting up to speak because you have something to say as opposed to getting up to speak because you have to say something.  Ouch!  Was he referring to my last sermon?

The freedom to wait until I have something to say is what I like about blogging, and the few folk that faithfully follow my blogs.  The blog does not demand anything of me.  When I am not here it does not pine for my attention.  It sits, patiently awaiting my return, oblivious of any vacuum of presence .  It is the same with with my followers. Those who follow my blog also follow others.  There is nothing here so profound that they miss nights of restful sleep at the absence of my wit and wisdom.  The blog and the reader both get on with just being what they are and doing just what they do.

There is a part of me that longs for, even craves importance beyond a small circle.  A quick and sobering read through the book of Ecclesiastes puts all of that back into perspective.  Our importance is momentary, transitory, and nebulous.  Speaking because you have to say something will never influence deeply.  Waiting to speak until you have something to say is hard but the influence is far more profound.

Please, dear reader, take my silence in this moment as my gift to you.  It is my way to help turn down the volume of the chatter going on inside your head.  It is the subtraction of voice that may actually allow you to hear The Voice, the one that means the most. The One that is profound, even life changing.  I recall hearing the story of a well known preacher who asked his wife how well he did on a particular sermon.  Her reply was, “You missed several wonderful places to stop talking and sit down.”  With that, I will bid you good day and God speed!

One thought on “I Just Gotta Say something!

  1. Kathy June 5, 2014 / 3:58 pm

    I love that line about waiting till you have something to say before you speak. And in the meantime, your actions are still speaking volumes!


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