On Station

When a ship or a fleet arrive at their intended location of operation they are said to be on station.  We are now fully on station. My families move to the space atop our barbershop is mostly complete. I am sitting at my computer on the balcony overlooking the busy street below. Now what?

I’ve had that “now what” feeling before.  While serving in the Navy our ship deployed to a part of the ocean, no street signs, no off or on ramps, just ocean.  We were on station. Then It hit me; now what?  We were engaged in a simulated war, engaging “targets” of opportunity.  Mostly, from my perspective, it looked like every other day of Navy life.  I got up, showered, went to work, stood watch, and went to bed.  On days where we simulated combat I went to my battle station, armed myself with fire fighting and repair gear, waited, stowed my gear at the end of the simulation. Another “now what” on top of the other ‘now what”.

I think that being on station, or on mission, for Christ is supposed to be full of that feeling of now what.  There is a sense of expectancy, looking for the opportunity, but most of it looks just like life looks. Maybe that is why the bible took 1400 years to write and it covered 4000 years of history.  Most of that time is filled with just life.  Being normal. Being ready. In between spectacular event there were often hundreds of years of living.  It makes it easy to become complacent.  We have to work hard to stay on mission, especially when things don’t look like spectacular events. That was the hardest thing about being in the Navy; staying ready when things were peaceful.

So, we are being ready, doing life, on mission, seeking to engage targets of opportunity.  So far it is smooth sailing.

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