Unintentional Discipleship

That’s what I do, unintentional discipleship. My lovely bride says”Sounds catchy, but it’s not true. You are very intentional about what you do.” So much for a catchy blog title, but she is right, but not completely.

Discipleship isn’t what I intended to do, it was just what began happening, fifteen minutes at a time. It always  starts with cordial greetings, the kind you would expect from your barber. Without even knowing it I begin to assess where he is, where he wants or needs to go, and how I can encourage him along the way.

Some don’t choose Jesus yet. Some are beginning their adventure in following. Some are even quite accomplished at following and leading others. The floor in the barber shop is level. No one higher than another. Just hearts that share, long, and live. We do what we do.

Jesus said to make disciples. Special learners and followers. That’s kind of what I do. It’s unintentional discipleship fifteen minutes at a time. Maybe it’s once a month. Sometimes not even that. It’s always an encouragement to take one more step. A step in the Kingdom direction.

It’s not a quick process. It’s single steps and sometimes not even that. From time to time there is an epiphany, like the time the young pastor decided he would be more effective in the private sector, or the co worker who decided to begin following Christ and sharing Jesus. He opened a shop in Arizona. Most of the time it isn’t that way. Look twice and you still won’t notice, but it works. I believe.

My friend who sits in my chair and opens his heart to me for one of those fifteen minutes sessions said, “You will never live long enough to see the fruit from the seeds you are planting in these young people.” What a ray of sunshine. Think Moses being told he was going to die in view of the promised land, but never go in.  That’s encouraging. It is true, and there is a comfort too. I knew this was going to go different from the very beginning. At first I knew I would have to be okay with it, now I am okay with it.

It’s slow. I never liked slow, but it is what it is. It’s discipleship, but it is just love. It’s wanting to be a blessing. It’s wanting to be an encouragement. It is just doing what I do and doing it intentionally, following Jesus, and living the Kingdom. It’s unintentional/intentional discipleship, fifteen minutes at a time.

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