A home Yondersea

So, this is the dream that I hope becomes a plan, or the plan that I am dreaming. I write this in blog format,, but really it is for my wife, as I process and look for a way forward. It is written to the partner that all to often is left to guess what I am thinking. Honey, the one thing I remember promising you regarding life with me was that this would be an adventure. Are you bored yet? Want to try something new?
The blog starts here:e
My wife and I are very different but in many ways we are the same. Our combined DNA are rooted in hospitality. Our hearts beat with the rhythms of community and shared experience. From our first months as a couple it was clear that we were open books, ready to allow the Holy Spirit access to use the good, the bad, and the oh so ugly of our lives to further the cause of the good news of new life through Jesus.. It is our lives and our love as we try to prioritize Kingdom living that we hope will draw others toward the Christ story of redemption. We were the least likely candidates for another chance, and yet Christ chose us anyway when only he could redeem the mess we had made. If it can be us, it really can be anybody.

Angie and I have opened two barbershops under the name of Yondersea. We opened them as both a means of earning our living, but also as Missional outposts, launch pads of God’s intentional love toward folk in community. It has been working, and working well, on both accounts. I think that we should explore the possibility of opening a third shop across yonder sea. Anyone who knows me knows that I am speaking of Hawaii, The Big Island, some even call it paradise. It makes sense. It fits and builds our brand. Truth is that have to admit, we love warm weather, warm oceans, and warm relationships.

I also love what I do. I love what we do. What a person does may or may not be what they do to earn a living, but if one is ever unsure of their true ministry gift and call it only takes a look at what is awash in the wake of their doing to make things perfectly clear. The intended and the unintended flotsam and jetsam, the live outcomes as we pass through our life’s journey tell the tale that we may not be able or willing to tell ourselves

What I do is multi faceted. On the surface I cut hair, primarily for men, but look in the wake of my passage and you will see much more than just that. You will see friendships formed quickly, bonded in trust. You will see encouragement and building, as well as caution and advice. You will see apprentices becoming masters as well as disciples becoming teachers. You will also see teachers challenged to think of new things in New ways, weary leaders loved and appreciated, and all who will allow, encouraged and refreshed.

What we do, Angie and I, has even more impact on the rearward view. Bobbing in the turbulence behind a couple deeply in love are partners in hospitality, generosity, and in the raising our two young children as well as trying to influence our adult offspring. There are other adults floating nearby who found in us surrogate parents, counselor for a season and a love bond that endures. They found a family of choice that chooses them as well. You will see an open table surrounded with hungry hearts, soon sated and refreshed for whatever their journey will be. You will find home when home is what is needed.

Simply for the joy of doing and the adventure of doing more life out of doors I am dreaming of a move of our Missional family to Hawaii. The setting would ideally be to locate and open a medium sized barber shop or grooming lounge. I would also like to find a place to live that features extra rooms and an ohana (family house) on the same site. The ohana would serve as hospitality housing for families and the extra rooms for those who the Lord leads our way as well as the barbers of Yondersea. It would be a place to come away to. A place for our workers to come to stay, work, and grow in their skills as well as in the heart of Yondersea. It would be a place where balance between work and play would be easily explored. It’s a heart of community and an aloha spirit of sorts. Ultimately it is the heart of Jesus and the joy of becoming a Christ follower that we point to. We can and we do that here. Location cannot change the natural outcome of our lives committed. Hawaii would just be plain fun, and maybe a little easier to be healthier.

For us the payoff would be in the adventure of doing what we do in a tropical setting and the fun of growing old in the garden that is Hawaii. It is enjoying watching the gift we call our boys, playing in the surf and the sand, exploring the jungles, and learning to trust in the Lord while enjoying his creation. The payoff is the challenge of taking what we have done here in the northwest and exploring what God will do with us over Yondersea.

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