coming or going?

What’s a guy to do?  There are schools of thought that to deny yourself is the higher calling.  There are others that say that to be true to your natural wiring releases your fullest potential.  Is either right? Is it a case of both and?

My heart and soul resonate with the idea of faithful presence, being in and a part of for the long term.  The Church and the Kingdom advance in a slow and holistic way from ground level, grass roots commitment to being in a place.  I’ve been doing that. It works and is working.

The other side of me wants to be in a place, any other one besides this one.  I am energized by the journey.  I am empowered by the discovery.  I want to take the idea of being rooted in community and go to this, that, and the other community.  I want to take what has been done here in this place and make a way for someone else to enjoy that success in their place.  I don’t just want to write a book about it. I want to do it, over there!  It is something that I am good at. At least I am good at the going part.

Of course I am not talking about giving in to sinful behavior.  I get that part of self denial. My inner barbarian craves both radical presence and reckless exploration.  So, what’s a guy to do? Do what he does best or do what he agrees with most?

I am hatching some ideas.  I am wondering if what I have going here is doable and sustainable in other places.  The business I started makes so many other things possible; things like ministry and love and sharing Christ.  Good stuff. Fun stuff.  Going to watch the horizon and see.




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