Barbershop Leadership

Barbershop leadership. Wow. Does anyone ever think about leadership in this context? I do, but that is because back when I was held captive to the traditional understanding of what being a minister was like we were taught, encouraged, even hammered on the idea of leadership. Most of it looked more military, top down, people as disposable commodities type of leadership. I most definitely do not resonate with that.

The way that it feels inside our barbershop is one of the top three priorities. We want to foster a reality construct of community. Leading in community is time consuming. You cannot lead out of positional authority. You can only lead out of relational authority. That is because in community we replace contract with the idea of covenant. In covenant there is much more implied that is written. The covenant is toward the community as a whole rather than to an individual. In a shop of 7 people this means that instead of only having one person (yourself) watching out for your best interests there are six.

Some organizations settle for bosses. Bosses lead, but it is lazy leadership at best, disastrous and life stealing at worst. A boss can intimidate, demand and threaten a short term outcome, but they more through people like so much grass, leaving a heap of wounded humanity all along their path to success. Unfortunately most of us have had those kind of bosses. They demand but seldom equip. They criticize but seldom encourage. They leverage your efforts for their benefit but seldom pass it back.

Leaders go first. Simple. As they go they the tell the story. They make the ears into eyes to see the end result as they model success. They never assume results from others. Instead they participate in the preferred outcomes. A leader, a real leader, is always looking to make someone as good our even better then they themselves are. It’s not safe. It’s not always secure, but the real leader is not driven by such things. Short term results never satisfy the way long term transformation does.

I am looking to align myself with leaders. Real leaders. I am looking to help them realize their potential. I am looking for those who are unwilling to take the easy way if the boss. I am willing to invest myself, my time, and even my resources to empower, equip, and engage leaders who are destined to be as good, or even better, at doing what I do. Are you up for the challenge? It’s slow, painful and often unsatisfying work, but worth it.

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