Our Yondersea Family

Family as community;
The reality we live in is that we are part of a community. We work around other providers in close proximity. That’s community. We have a steady stream of guests who come into our sphere of influence every time we walk into Yondersea. That is also community. Even when we leave this place we are still a part of that community and what we say, what we do, how we say it and how we do it lingers on in the thoughts of other people even after they leave.

It is possible to divide communities into two varieties, cooperative communities and competitive communities. If you draw out a scale and put competitive at one and and cooperative at the other, most communities will land somewhere in between the two ends of the scale.

In community you are in a relationship with others. That is unavoidable. How you choose to interact in that community is a matter of choice, you’re choice. It doesn’t work to be cooperative in a competitive community, nor does it work to be competitive in a cooperative community.

Most of us have more experience in competitive community than cooperative. School and work trend to lean heavily toward competitive. In work, the higher the pay the fewer are those who get those positions, hence competitive. In school only do many A’s, hence competition.

Many of us only experience cooperative community in our homes, though home communities can also range all over the scale.

Our culture is tuned in to competitive community, but a large part of our core being craves and longs for being in cooperative community. We seek out places where we can just be, without the stress of having to constantly compete. We vacation mostly in places where able to pursue what makes us happy without risk of someone faster than us taking away our share.

While there is no way to completely separate the two, our desire for Yondersea is that we lean heavily toward the cooperative side of the scale. We weigh our decisions and our practices whenever possible to tip the scale in favor of cooperative. In doing so, we have created a rare environment at Yondersea for both provider and guest.

In the Yondersea community, you are not a number, an asset, or a commodity. You are a part of the whole thing. You are not a party to a contract, you are partners in covenant. Our covenant is to take care of and benefit the community and all its members. Each and every one of us influences the community.

Our guests are part of our community. Since they only spend about fifteen minutes, once a month, in our community we want to leverage all of our best practices to make their experiences with us extraordinarily pleasant. That includes the service and the environment. They get a quality haircut at a modest price, and we work a little harder at giving away a little bit of happy with each cut. Each person who is invited to be a regular provider at Yondersea has been brought in on this little secret way we have of being and doing Yondersea.

Happy, skilled and informed providers make for happy, pleased and loyal guests. That is the functional mandate that we run this business on. We want long term, even lifetime providers to be a part of our provider community. We are regularly brainstorming ways to make it both challenging in a positive way, and rewarding to be here. This is only possible if we are in agreement regarding the covenant of community. When our actions line up with our covenant, our guest community will continue to grow and will be a positive influence around them as well

Your actions and words effect the whole thing, whether good or bad. As part of our covenant to community we intentionally spread happy around us. The reality is that sometimes things come up, outside our control, that aren’t necessarily happy generators. Sometimes we need our trajectory adjusted, actions discussed, or other things, like grumpy customers or broken equipment. How we relate to those things in the moment effects the entire community, provider, vendor, or guest.

When we have things that seem to be beyond our control, effecting our happy in community it is on us to find an appropriate time and place and discuss with the appropriate person a constructive resolution. Being short, snippy, or sarcastic effectively communicates that you are not happy, but it destroys the fabric of community. Occasionally we all slip up in those areas, but let me be clear; that is unacceptable behavior at Yondersea.

We all come into Yondersea with a relational bank. You have so many credits in your bank that were granted just because you made it through the initial conversations and screening to become a part of the family. You accumulate credits by being part of the community and contributing. Not caring for the community covenants by not doing you’re part(positive communication, cleanliness, quality services) take away from you’re bank. Because this is all subjective language, there is no way to measure with any degree of accuracy(like you would for a contract). Our assumption is that if you are happy here your relational bank account will grow. If you are not then it will dwindle away. We will do all we can through training and equipping to help you turn from a downward to an upward trend.  If we are unsuccessful and you use up all of your credits  then we will try to help you find another place to be successful and happy.

Angela and I had a vision for community when we started this business. It reflects our faith and beliefs and shapes all of our best practices. As a couple we own the Yondersea brand and we share our good fortune with independent contractors who share our vision and the wonderful guests who trust us with their looks, their time, and their whole sense of well being. When you come to work at Yondersea we are welcoming you into family. Our family.

One thought on “Our Yondersea Family

  1. yeshliblog December 6, 2016 / 5:22 pm

    Brilliant. Love it. Fair winds and following seas, shipmate brother.


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